From the moment I stood up to Gov. Christie at a Town Hall Meeting in 2010, I've been fighting for our great public schools, students and education professionals—you! Whether running for state office, testifying before the State Board of Education, blogging about education and social justice issues, speaking to crowds at protest rallies or appearing on national television, I've worked hard to fight the attack on public education. But I want to do more. That's why I'm running for NJEA Secretary Treasurer, and I'm asking for your vote.

On day one, I will fight for:

  • Full funding of our pensions
  • The return of cost of living adjustments to our retired members
  • An end to the crushing effects of Chapter 78 on our paychecks
  • Restoration of the honor and respect we deserve as educated, experienced professionals
  • Fair funding of our public schools according to the law

I will fight against:

  • The educational apartheid that closes schools and marginalizes special education students, ELL students and students of color in our poorest communities
  • The expansion of segregationist charter schools that rob precious resources from public schools and destroy communities
  • The outsourcing of our "Essential School Personnel"
  • Billionaires and politicians who haven’t taught single day in their lives but think they know what’s best for our students and schools
  • The punitive effects of standardized testing on our students, schools and teachers

I will work to make 'grass-roots organizing' a part of our daily vocabulary because NJEA is all of us —200,000 strong — working together!

I will not stop. I won't give up. I won't back down. Send me to NJEA so I can work for you, and together, we can work for our students ! 


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I will not make back room deals with

politicians who openly work against us.

Show your support! Take a selfie with a message stating why you support me for NJEA Secretary Treasurer. Post it to social media using the hashtags #MarieIsForMe and #CorfieldForNJEA. Then tag me, and include a link to this website, and we'll post it here.

Or simply email it to

Election: April 2017

The 2017 race for NJEA Secretary Treasurer is like

no other in our association's history. And it will

determine the direction of our association not just

for the next year or two, but for the next 12 years!

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